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  • Welcome to "Automatic Doors for Public Transport (ADP)"

    Well-proven quality and performance for more than 20 years.

    As they are based on many years of experience, the Gilgen products especially distinguish themselves by their high quality standard – without compromising on other important aspects such as esthetics and safety!

    Every detail of our platform screen and train doors is planned and implemented by the ADP department of Gilgen Door Systems and maintained by a proficient and customer-oriented service organization.

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  • Successful project implementation

    With our experience of more than 20 years in the field of public transport systems, Gilgen Door Systems is your reliable partner who can offer you ideal and customer-oriented solutions.

    The capacity of mastering the processes, a streamlined project organization, an extensive know-how in the fields of management and technology as well as certified products are the key factors for guaranteeing the successful implementation of any project.

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  • Upgrade your Station to Business Class

    Platform screen doors are setting the standard for enhanced safety, efficiency and convenience on the platforms!

    Since the commissioning of our first installation in Toulouse in 1993, Gilgen Door Systems has evolved into one of the leading suppliers of platform screen doors. In the retrofit sector, we have implemented two of the world- wide biggest PSD projects in Hong Kong and Paris.

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  • Efficient passenger flow for trains

    Train door systems are of utmost importance for guaranteeing an efficient train service.

    Gilgen Door Systems’ wealth of experience in railway applications and the resulting optimized solutions stand for highly available and reliable train door systems.

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